Taking the Next Step



Time is not a luxury we can afford to waist.  I didn’t really think about that until recently.  My grandfather, Ted Warren, passed in September of 015.  He was like my dad, he raised me with my Dad and Grandmother, who died when I was nine years old.  Death can creep on you so quickly without warning and I think that is one thing we tend to forget especially children.  They don’t have a care in the world and to be honest I would rather they don’t.  It is good for children to not have to worry about the daily stressors of an adults life.  We live, we learn, and we embrace: that is my motto.

The one gift both my grandmother and grandfather left me was the foundation of salvation.  One gift that is eternal!  If it weren’t for them sharing God’s Word with me I don’t know where I would be or scarier who I would be.  I am so thankful and have a better understanding of why my grandfather gave up everything he had for others.  He was a true example of the person God would want me and you to be.

When we lose someone we tend to get lost in grief (trust me, I know this one too well).  Taking the next step is always the hardest.  We don’t want to always go forward because of the doubts we have in our own lives especially when we lose that person we love.  I am still trying to find my way through the fog of grief.  It can definitely hold its grip and cause bumpy hurdles that make it hard to see the light ahead.  The best advice I can give you is LOVE HARD, EMBRACE THE MOMENT, NEVER LET GO, and PRAY ALWAYS.  Those are what keep me moving forward daily.  I hope that if you are in a state of grief that you are able to see the good around you.  Always know that it does get easier, you never forget, but the pain does ease with time.  Think of the good and embrace the happy memories!! I promise it helps.

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