When I decided to come home and blog it was for fun.  To be honest writing has become my favorite way of expressing myself and not just when it comes to blogging. I also do freelance writing as well just not as often.  Recently I started back working on my Novel and am hoping to get it out this month (August).  We shall see if I can motivate myself to stay on track this time.  I am really bad about getting side-tracked or should I say easily distracted from the task at hand.

As a mother of five kids I found it to be much easier to work from home than to juggle the life of a mom that works an 8-5 job while balancing the daily job responsibilities of being a parent.  In all honesty I have tried it both ways, both have its pros and cons.  Every parent is different on how they manage the balance between work and parenting.  In all honesty, everyone has their own schedule, their own groove when it comes to adjusting to parenthood.  Once you become a parent you have to find what works for you and your family, not what works for others.