Cleaning is no joke…lol!

Cleaning is no joke when you have little ones… Right!?  Well as I see it, cleaning is hilarious when you have little ones running around.  You pick one item up and another pops up on the floor.  It is literally my never ending story along with the laundry duty that goes on in this house.  Yeah got to say laundry isn’t my favorite chore either.  The joys of parenthood, I will say this though cleaning with the kids is awesome.  Watching them put away the toys and bicker where the right place to put the them away is hilarious.  Some of the craziest conversations come along during clean-up time.  Then there are the days when clean up is not an option, yep…those days occur too.  To be fair I think adults have a similar mindset, we tend to have those days that we won’t nothing to do with adulting.  Cleaning up can be a pain…along with laundry :).  I just find it so funny that as adults we still have that child-like attitude towards cleaning and grown-up responsibilities.  Our kids are literally our little mini mes…mine sure are.  I just love connecting with them and spending quality time with them even in the most serious moments of our busy lives.


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