Happy New Year

It has been such a long time since I have blogged. So much has gone on, the pandemic, the ups and downs of a high risk pregnancy, the birth of our sweet twins, and let’s not forget the crazy life of introducing my children to the world of remote learning… Yep… fun stuff right there! Now that I reflect on 2020 I am satisfied no matter how grim of a year it was I am filled with joy because I have my family, my children, and God is still on His throne!

This year has taught me so much about faith!!! God has definitely given me a lot of tests this year that have put me in situations where only faith could get me through. I am so thankful for everything I have faced because it has made me grow stronger and given me insight on the true meaning of being thankful. There is always someone worse off than yourself. My philosophy in life, one I encourage my kids with is to always be kind. Always show kindness because you never know what the other person is facing. This year that has passed I have seen so much sadness, anger, and hatred from others. It breaks my heart to see so many become so bitter. Hopefully things will get better as we all navigate through the chaos that has been laid before us!

I pray Everyone has an Amazing New Year! God Bless!


Babies are so Special!

You know it’s funny, I never thought I would see the day that I would carry two babies in a pregnancy. Always envisioned one at a time. To be honest it isn’t really that far-fetched considering that I am a triplet anyway but still the thought never crossed my mind.

When I got the positive pregnancy test and the doctor confirmed it at her office I was already in shock because that makes baby number six. Definitely a surprise, a happy one, but still a shocker that caught us off guard. When I got in with my Obgyn, they decided it might be wise to go ahead and do an ultrasound just to see how far I really was. Never thought anything about it, even when everyone else was making jokes about the possibility of the idea of twins. Yep… didn’t cross my mind….nope.

On that Monday I walk in with my husband and two smaller children in the tech’s office while the others are in school. Laying there on the table while the Ultrasound tech uses the ultrasound machine on my abdomen I stare at the screen in front of me. Immediately my eyes widen as I see two circles…. not one, but two on the screen. All I could do was stare and say ‘no’. Yep it was twins. They had to reassure me many times that day. It has definitely been a shock but hearing those little heartbeats gave me such a peace.

I can honestly say I went through a lot of emotions that day but it is a beautiful thing to see a life, especially two little lives developing. They are beautiful little babies and it just breaks my heart that there are so many people that view babies as such a burden and take pregnancy and carrying a life for granted. It is a gift and a precious one that you should cherish. Every baby is special and deserves a chance to be loved. Choose life, be prolife. Abortion is not the answer, and I say this because it has been a major burden on my soul to hear people say they have a choice. Yeah you have a choice to be abstinence or give the baby for adoption. Not to murder. Keep that in mind. We are humans not animals, we should have compassion on our young, want to nurture not kill or disown. Remember this, your mom gave you life, don’t be the mother that decided to murder their own child because you wanted to act selfishly for yourself. There are always other options like adoption.

Time Management

Time management can be very hard to maintain when you have so much on your plate. For me it definitely has had its fair share of making me crazy. With five kids, going on six there are times where I do feel that I need to take a step back and make a better effort at managing my priorities and time. This is critical when trying to do so much, like working, going to school, managing different schedules including your kids’, and so on.

There are many ways you can do this without freaking out. Start out by writing down what needs to be done, make a list, write down your thoughts also. Then you can get an agenda or calendar to help you organize all of the items you wrote down. This will help you gain control of your schedule and keep you on track. Then focus on your priorities. Time for your kids is important and finding time for yourself as well. There is a balance to it all you just need to find your groove. That is where making a schedule can help you. You can write down when and how you want things done. This will help you also feel like you are accomplishing things without getting flustered. Remember just take a deep breath, give yourself a moment to relax, collect your thoughts and then move on to the next thing on your agenda. Don’t fret over the small stuff, enjoy being a parent, enjoy life, live it to the fullest.


As a parent we sometimes feel just a little bit uncertain on how to approach certain situations regarding how your kids are going to react to it. That is perfectly spot on for most of us, to be honest for me I really try to do my best at preparing my kiddos but usually fail miserably. This is because I overthink the situation or I overstep. Allowing our kids to grow and learn is important. Hovering over them and constantly dictating how they should react or just act in a situation can be more harmful than helpful. I say this because I am definitely learning this with my ten year old, he is so ambitious, and very particular about many things. I have had to really take a step back and talk more with him about situations so he can make the better choice instead of me making it for him. For instance, like when he upset with his brother, how should he handle it… should he fight back by hitting or coming and talking to mommy and daddy about it so we can help him? This topic has just been really heavy on my heart because I see so many parents trying to overwhelm their children and themselves because they are holding on and fighting for so much control. Just like tug o war you fight for to much control they are going to resist and fight back. Go with the flow, allow your kids to experience, live, have fun…with boundaries of course, just understand you have to be able to let them be kids.

Understanding Autism

Being a parent can be very difficult especially if you add autism to the mix. For me that is a challenge, one I am not too fond of. Today I find out if my third son is on the spectrum, which in a Way makes me nervous. If he is diagnosed that will make it three for three. I have five kids, three boys and two girls. None of my boys have escaped the burden of autism so far and the first screening we had with our last was not good at all.

It is so discouraging at times to watch my sons struggle everyday. My nine year old struggles the most and it just breaks my heart. Knowing that he gets bullied at school doesn’t help at all either. It is definitely a hard transition for my babies when it comes to interacting with their peers, strangers, or other social experiences. It’s sad to watch them get overwhelmed when I take them out into the store knowing many are probably viewing him as a bad kid and not one that needs comfort and understanding.

My goal here is to help bring awareness for Autism. So many don’t understand it!!! I hate when people say ‘they don’t look autistic’, well no duh, Autism is so much more involved. Every child, adult, person is different on the spectrum. First ask questions, do research but don’t judge. Until you know the struggle and heartache just pray and be more understanding. Also feel free to check out my website, The Family Way

Publishing a Book — MomTalk

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Today I am really working hard to publish one of my ebooks that I have been working on. I’ve got a lot to do but I am feeling confident that I will finish by the end of the day. Publishing a book is not as simple as I thought. To be honest I love writing, […]

via Publishing a Book — MomTalk – Looking forward to reading the book once my friend finishes it. FYI, she’s a DoctorWho fan (reference will become clear in a later post  – Humble Bundle Doctor Who Comic Book PDF Bundles).

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Can’t Believe it is Almost Fall

Fall is literally around the corner. Yikes! It seems like just yesterday we were just abandoning winter for Spring and summer. Time is truly flying like it normally does. Kids are back in school, normalcy is starting to arrive once again. Too funny on my part though, I am absolutely not used to the quiet that is going on in my house. Usually I have five and now only two at home because the rest are back in school. It is funny, there are days where I even feel out of place because I am so used to the madness.

Looks like I am going to be getting back into my freelancing and novel writing again. During the summer it seems like my groove just gets thrown off. So looking forward to the holiday season too. This is literally my favorite time of the year. The decorations, emotions, and all together awesomeness of Fall is absolutely epic in my book!

Here are some pics to brighten your day!

Your Journey as a Writer

Writing a novel is a lot more complicated than it seems, or for me it is.  Of course, I am one of those people that love to just go with the story, never really been great at planning when it comes to putting a story line together.  Billy on the other hand is great at that though.  In a way though, I do find it very therapeutic, when upset about something.

I started my writing journey six years ago, mostly I did a lot of freelance work but I have also been working on a novel as well during my free time.  Publishing an e-book has become the new trend.  It is so much easier to go through Amazon or Barnes and Noble to publish a book than it is going through an actual publisher.

If interested in starting a writing career I have dedicated Pinterest boards to help give you a starting point that will help you establish a solid foundation to lean on.  Writing has become a new working point for Stay at Home moms.  It is something that is flexible and easy to get into also.  There are so many opportunities out there for moms that want to work from home, I have devoted a lot of my free time to researching ways to help other moms find what they are looking for so that they too can be able to stay at home with their kids.  Here are links to some of my boards that will help:

List of Boards

Freelancing Board/ Work from Home

Stay at Home Mom Board

Book Writing Board

I hope this helps and if you do find yourself interested in starting a Novel that’s great!  It really is a fun way to express yourself through your writing and surely is bound to bring out your creativity as well.  🙂  Feel free to check out my Pinterest account, it is filled with so much fun and useful boards meant for the whole family.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, can’t believe we are so close to Fall already! Yikes, time is flying.



Publishing a Book

Today I am really working hard to publish one of my ebooks that I have been working on. I’ve got a lot to do but I am feeling confident that I will finish by the end of the day. Publishing a book is not as simple as I thought. To be honest I love writing, hate editing, and well yeah I am sure you get it. Billy, my husband, thinks it’s funny because it has taken me this long to even get a book out.

Right now I am just spending time with the kids while an AT&T technician works on our internet. It has not been user friendly at all for over a month which has also caused me a lot of time as well. Hoping it will be back up soon!

To be honest it has been nice to take a break from the digital world. I can’t say my kids agree but it definitely has encouraged them to be more adventurous! It has forced them to use their imagination and has pushed me to get tons done around the house. There is a lesson to come from this too! It is so easy to get caught up with our digital devices that we forget what’s truly important in life. Hope everyone is having an amazing Wednesday! Feel free to comment below as well 🙂

Interesting Movie

Last night me and Billy had a movie night at the house. It’s a tradition when the kids go to sleep that we spend time with each other either playing board games, talking, Bible Study, or even Movie Nights. We decided on Escape Plan!! Such a great movie, it really had my mind going. Scary thought that their are people who could possibly be that smart savvy to figure out how to break out of every prison built by man. It was definitely interesting and I do recommend it for a date night for couples! Not recommended for kids though! Hope everyone is having a great day. Here is the trailer below!