Letting Go

This year has been a really rough one, almost unbearable really!  In September of 2015 I lost someone dear to me, someone precious, that can never be replaced.  

Moving on has been a battle that seems to be still holding me hostage.  There is not a day I can move forward without feeling like I am moving two step backwards.  

Thinking last night I really need to make goals to move forward in 2017.  It is time for me to take that next step forward no matter how hard it is.  To be honest I know I don’t want to.  Letting go is hard, to be honest it is the hardest trial I have yet to face.  

Without moving on I haven’t been able to truly enjoy life.  I haven’t lived my fullest at all this year.  I am having to rebuild myself and find the new me from underneath this pain I carry.

So goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017.


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