Morning CrAzY!!

….Mornings…..starting to wonder if it is a trend but mornings….Ugh! Summer has begun, kids are out of school, and the fun has just started. Today I came to the realization I tend to forget even in the crazy how precious every moment is. With the television noise blaring in the background, the baby crying, the three year old screaming “cereal” as he is running throughout the house only wearing his diaper…Yep those are the moments we take for granted. I take for granted but shouldn’t. I forget as many other parents out there do that no matter how crazy your day can get there is always beauty in every moment. One day I am going to look back on what I know as ‘Morning CrAzY’ and laugh because overall they are funny and beautiful moments that you as a parent share with your kids. Trust me one day you will wish you could go back to those insane moments when they are all grown up.




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