Parenting can be a live comedy!  Daily I find humor in the little things that arise during our day!  Kids have a way about bringing laughter and joy when everything else seems complicated and overwhelming.  It is true, when you become a parent you really don’t have a dull moment in your life no more. Always expect the unexpected, especially if you have a toddler at home.  They will definitely bring the best out of us parents when they decide to get into mischief.   It is a priveledge and joy to watch my kids grow, try things, experience life, and embrace the difficult trials because memories are being made.  Enjoy your little ones, take time to notice and compliment the good.  Time is not a luxury it is a gift that should be taken with care!  


Blog post overdue!!!!

Sometimes life catches up with us and our busy lives get a little out of sorts.  For me it’s been a long summer!!! I am so glad we are approaching the lovely season of Fall.  It has always been my favorite time of the year!  

With school now in session and everyone finally getting back on a routine everything is finally starting to calm down a bit. 🙂 

I have recently discovered snapchat.  It has become one of my favorite things to play on when the kids want to take pictures.  

I will be starting up my blog posting again and plan to also post lots of pictures too!  Hope everyone has a Fabulous Day!

Cherishing the Moment

The last few days have been super busy and slightly unproductive but I have made lots of great memories that I will always cherish.  This past week has been full of the ups and downs and we are in the middle of trying to buy a house so that doesn’t help with the crazy but making memories with my little ones have been so rewarding over the last week.  Like the other day, as crazy as it got there were some hilarious moments that had me rolling on the floor.  For instance when I knocked over the corn mill on one of my cats in the kitchen while trying to make snacks for the kids and put up groceries, along while the kids are running throughout the house with the video game blaring in the background.  Yes those are the funny yet crazy moments that I love.  No matter how crazy your day can get there is always a way to turn around that moment into a cherished one.  Cherish the moment, scrap book it, take pictures, embrace it and enjoy it!  I don’t want to regret I want to remember all the fun, the good, the excitement I have and will have with my kids.  🙂

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Baking Cookies!!!!

Wanted to share a cookie recipe for any moms that love baking cookies and if you have any little ones with allergies with egg.

You need: 1 lb of butter
2 cups of sugar
3 cups of flour
2 cap fulls of vanilla
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of baking soda

First take the butter and the two cups of sugar, mix it up until creamy. Then add the three cups of flour. Add the vanilla abstract (2 cap fulls). Then the teaspoon of salt and baking soda. Mix it up until it is all blended. Once mixed transfer to a bowl and put it in the fridge until ready to use. Spoon out some dough and bake in the oven at 350 for 8-10 minutes!!!  Beware: Sugar Alert!

cookies cookies 2

The Joys of Parenthood

It’s these moments that I enjoy the most.  Watching my kids grow has become the most rewarding experience and I am loving every minute.  Take these little moments and capture them.  MAKE MEMORIES while you still can.

I am a Writer!

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Got to say my husband would find it pretty funny and ironic but yes I am writing again.  I am currently working on a few novels, blogging, and well just…you know….going overboard on social media as usual!  It has been nice to get back into the groove and embrace the art of writing again.  When I write I feel free because it is a release, you don’t have to confine yourself, I get to be creative!!!

Freelancer, Odesk, Elance, and Guru are four great websites that I have checked out and have taken on assignments before.  But right now I am focusing on my novel writing and am putting aside my freelancing for a later date.  I write dystopian fiction, which is my favorite genre but I do like others as well and will eventually branch out.  I used to write poetry when I was younger as well, it is also another great way to express yourself through words.  Writing can be very therapeutic, like blogging!  If you would like to know more about writing or want to any advice on how to get started feel free to message me!


Okay….I know a lot of you out there with little ones always have this topic on your mind. Sleep is a hard thing to come by when kids are involved especially with children under the age of three. I have two!  One is turning three in June and the other under a year!  Recently my two year old has decided sleep is not a necessity…hmmm not sure how I feel about this yet!  Yep well this mommy is starting to feel the effects of MOMMY INSOMNIA which basically translates to the “ZOMMY”.  I have become the living mommy that looks like a zombie…or should I say more feels like one.


From experience I have learned that routine is key when it comes to bedtime.  I have two out of four on a good consistent schedule but have slacked on my younger two.  As I write this I am scolding myself for the slack in routine just as much as I know my dad would be too lol.  That should have never happened, me slacking on the kids bedtime that is.  Well it looks like I am going to be having to really work hard this summer to retrain my two year old soon to be three and start training my eight month old.

…I will be keeping you all updated on the progress!  Hopefully it won’t take too long to get them on a well-adjusted schedule.  I will post some tips for you all as I learn them myself!  Maybe my experience will help other moms and dads avoid the struggle because the struggle is real!!! Toddler life can be an adventure that’s for sure, but well worth it!! Never a dull moment at this house.

To Read or NOT to Read….That is the QUESTION???!

…Yeah me and books…well I got to say we don’t get along very well.  Between me having dyslexia and the attention span of the dog from Disney movie “UP”…..”SQUIRREL”…Yep…me and books have no relationship what-so-ever.  Ever since I became a parent though I have become a little more active in the world of reading, especially when it comes to children’s books.  Got to say I love the Eric Carle books, during the years teaching preschool I got hooked on those books.  “The Hungary Caterpillar” is one of my favorites.

Growing up I never picked up a book and always avoided reading at school due to the fact that they loved to make you read out loud… Yep not my idea of fun and thankfully that is not a concern anymore.  The Kindle turned out to be my best friend in the long run though.  It wasn’t as intimidating as a big thick book. I ended up picking up a habit of reading once I discovered the “Hunger Games” series!  Once I read those books I became hooked and even started a habit of writing dystopian fiction myself and am even working on a book as I write.
When I became a preschool teacher that really helped with my dyslexia.  I was reading out loud a lot with the kiddos allowing me to improve on my reading skills while doing what I love most besides parenting of course.  I now enjoy reading kid books, I still don’t want anything to do with reading big books but have decided to try and embrace it at a slow and easy pace.  I need to at least give it a shot, so I decided to GO BOLD and join a book club at our local bookstore with a friend.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out in the long run!!!!

Potty Training at it’s BEST….correction WoRsT

Potty Training.  Yep Potty Training…the stage where the child takes the reigns and the parents watch in horror.  Days where pooping and peeing becomes an hourly concern…yep that’s right Potty Training.  Everyone has their CrAzY, funny, embarrassing, serious, and ambitious moment to tell when it comes down to the toilet training lessons.


Well I have a secret…yeah that’s right a secret.  Your going to hear advice, stories, and old-wives tales about potty training a child…well I am here to tell you now, don’t take the advice.  Go at your own pace, go at your child’s own pace.  Listen to their bodies, let them embrace potty training.  Do not make it a chore, make it FUN!  As a former preschool teacher I saw a lot of progress but at home with my kids it was like…Yeah well NOT HAPPENING.  It was really overwhelming for me especially when it came down to my first two.  My oldest son has been diagnosed with Autism disorder and ADHD.  Both=Interesting moments let me tell you.  From my experience I have learned never rush a child into submission of Potty Training it will only lead to disappointment and a lot of frustration.  Comparing your kids to other kids=BAD IDEA as well.  To be honest from my years of working with kids of ALL ages and having four of my own I have learned no child is the same.  They all have their own agenda to fulfill at their own pace.  I’m not saying to stop your efforts…I’m just giving a little nudge at the idea of letting your child explore and become familiar with the potty at his or her own pace.  ALL CHILDREN ARE DIFFERENT IN EVERY WAY, that’s what makes each and everyone of us unique!