To Read or NOT to Read….That is the QUESTION???!

…Yeah me and books…well I got to say we don’t get along very well.  Between me having dyslexia and the attention span of the dog from Disney movie “UP”…..”SQUIRREL”…Yep…me and books have no relationship what-so-ever.  Ever since I became a parent though I have become a little more active in the world of reading, especially when it comes to children’s books.  Got to say I love the Eric Carle books, during the years teaching preschool I got hooked on those books.  “The Hungary Caterpillar” is one of my favorites.

Growing up I never picked up a book and always avoided reading at school due to the fact that they loved to make you read out loud… Yep not my idea of fun and thankfully that is not a concern anymore.  The Kindle turned out to be my best friend in the long run though.  It wasn’t as intimidating as a big thick book. I ended up picking up a habit of reading once I discovered the “Hunger Games” series!  Once I read those books I became hooked and even started a habit of writing dystopian fiction myself and am even working on a book as I write.
When I became a preschool teacher that really helped with my dyslexia.  I was reading out loud a lot with the kiddos allowing me to improve on my reading skills while doing what I love most besides parenting of course.  I now enjoy reading kid books, I still don’t want anything to do with reading big books but have decided to try and embrace it at a slow and easy pace.  I need to at least give it a shot, so I decided to GO BOLD and join a book club at our local bookstore with a friend.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out in the long run!!!!


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