Babies are so Special!

You know it’s funny, I never thought I would see the day that I would carry two babies in a pregnancy. Always envisioned one at a time. To be honest it isn’t really that far-fetched considering that I am a triplet anyway but still the thought never crossed my mind.

When I got the positive pregnancy test and the doctor confirmed it at her office I was already in shock because that makes baby number six. Definitely a surprise, a happy one, but still a shocker that caught us off guard. When I got in with my Obgyn, they decided it might be wise to go ahead and do an ultrasound just to see how far I really was. Never thought anything about it, even when everyone else was making jokes about the possibility of the idea of twins. Yep… didn’t cross my mind….nope.

On that Monday I walk in with my husband and two smaller children in the tech’s office while the others are in school. Laying there on the table while the Ultrasound tech uses the ultrasound machine on my abdomen I stare at the screen in front of me. Immediately my eyes widen as I see two circles…. not one, but two on the screen. All I could do was stare and say ‘no’. Yep it was twins. They had to reassure me many times that day. It has definitely been a shock but hearing those little heartbeats gave me such a peace.

I can honestly say I went through a lot of emotions that day but it is a beautiful thing to see a life, especially two little lives developing. They are beautiful little babies and it just breaks my heart that there are so many people that view babies as such a burden and take pregnancy and carrying a life for granted. It is a gift and a precious one that you should cherish. Every baby is special and deserves a chance to be loved. Choose life, be prolife. Abortion is not the answer, and I say this because it has been a major burden on my soul to hear people say they have a choice. Yeah you have a choice to be abstinence or give the baby for adoption. Not to murder. Keep that in mind. We are humans not animals, we should have compassion on our young, want to nurture not kill or disown. Remember this, your mom gave you life, don’t be the mother that decided to murder their own child because you wanted to act selfishly for yourself. There are always other options like adoption.


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