Happy New Year

It has been such a long time since I have blogged. So much has gone on, the pandemic, the ups and downs of a high risk pregnancy, the birth of our sweet twins, and let’s not forget the crazy life of introducing my children to the world of remote learning… Yep… fun stuff right there! Now that I reflect on 2020 I am satisfied no matter how grim of a year it was I am filled with joy because I have my family, my children, and God is still on His throne!

This year has taught me so much about faith!!! God has definitely given me a lot of tests this year that have put me in situations where only faith could get me through. I am so thankful for everything I have faced because it has made me grow stronger and given me insight on the true meaning of being thankful. There is always someone worse off than yourself. My philosophy in life, one I encourage my kids with is to always be kind. Always show kindness because you never know what the other person is facing. This year that has passed I have seen so much sadness, anger, and hatred from others. It breaks my heart to see so many become so bitter. Hopefully things will get better as we all navigate through the chaos that has been laid before us!

I pray Everyone has an Amazing New Year! God Bless!


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