PokemonGo The New Way To Connect


The last two days have been extremely amusing due to the new app out there also known as #PokemonGo which has become the latest fad.  People walking aimlessly around the neighborhood, grocery stores, and even gas stations.  Sadly others are using it for mischievous purposes but on a funny note it has definitely gotten people to move more.

If you think you are lazy then you should definitely give this hot new app a try.  Pokemon is a great old fashion trend that the generation that grew up in the 90’s can truly appreciate!  The only concern about the app that has been brought up is the lack of safety.  People are a little careless and unaware of their surroundings while searching for Pokemon on their phones.  A good friend of mine did make a good point that it is bringing people together.  I think the app is fun and creative but people do need to take precautions of safety especially young children playing the game.  So go catch em all and have a blast one Pokemon at time! 😉