For the last few months I have been slightly distracted from my writing.  There has been a lot going on as you all can see, especially since the Election.  It is quite interesting to see how America is reacting to how the election results came out.  Personally I feel that how America as a whole is overreacting, it is really sad to be honest.

It’s okay to voice your opinions, to express yourself, and share your emotions.  But the physical violence and hatred that is sweeping through the nation should not be tolerated.  When did violence become a means to freedom of Speech.

God allowed Trump to be President.  We are all pons to God’s will and should remember that.  So the election didn’t turn out the way some wanted it too, but think of this, God has a plan that needs to be unfolded.  He will use Trump like he used all the other leaders we have had for our country.

The world is watching us, the greatest country around, we embarrassing ourselves.  You can either be a leader or a follower.  Which are you?  Well me, I hope to be a leader.  Let’s break this cycle and grow up.  You can’t get your way everyday.  Not going to happen.  This is life, and as I said there is no way you can always get your way.

The best advice I can give everyone is to Trust the Lord, Pray daily for our leaders and country, and Know that God is in control ALWAYS so don’t fret.



Broken Country

My heart breaks for all those lives that lost so much due to the horrendous flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Praying for all of you!  This event has really caused my heart to ache just by hearing of this terrible catastrophe.  I was also saddened to know our own President is taking a vacation while many suffer because of the flooding.

America needs to step up and become the nation she used to be!  We need compassion, leadership, and God back in our country.  She is a dying country without God!  It saddens me so to watch America to deteriorate before my eyes.  We have forgotten what it means to be an American!  We should be proud and unashamed!  We should stand up and make a stand on our values and morals!  

We have lost the foundation to which our forefathers founded this land upon.  Justice and the Law have become Luke warm to most.  I see so much injustice and unlawful acts daily that most don’t react to but if someone helps out to do some good they are bashed for it.  It just makes me so sad! 😔


These last few weeks have been a challenge for me and as a result my blogging got put on the back burner for a bit.  Life surely has its twists and turns, most you don’t even expect or see until you are faced with the dilemma.  

I have learned though with all the stress, pain, and endurance we feel there will always beat sense of self worth and achievement that follows.  I recently had to learn the hard way that stressing is not the answer to any problem, all it did was make me very sick.

As change enters my family again I try to remind myself that no matter how difficult or stressful a situation may seem there is always a way to make the transition more enjoyable. 

Ways to Cope with Stress…

  1. Take a Break: walk away from the problem or project.  Give yourself a break to re-evaluate your game plan.
  2. Eat and Drink lots of Water!  Make sure you are taking care of YOU!  That always helps when faced with a stressful dilemma.
  3. Take a Warm Bath or Shower 😌
  4. Take notes or jot down what your goals are!  This is a great way to see where your head is at.
  5. Prayer is a top priority when stress is involved, there is Ning too great for God!

I hope these coping mechanisms help you all that do deal with stress on a day to day basis.

Crazy Thursday


Well considering I slept half the day due to the lack of energy I have been feeling lately, it has definitely been troubling.  It seems like my crazy sleep schedule is catching up with me. Once I got up, my kids decided to clean their room!  Wow….don’t hear that often.  Usually there is a major battle that goes on to get that job done.  Yep, they did…well most of it at least.  Better than anytime I have ever fought them to do it lol.  Well after that it was lunch time so we decided to have left over soup.  Well beyond my knowledge they weren’t too hungry.  They had snacked on ALL the goodies in the kitchen when me and Daddy weren’t looking.  Yep that happened, so they weren’t too eager to sit down to eat.

Now came the battle of the television lol.  Everyone wanted to do something different!  Games, movies, television in general….well…I fixed that! I decided to put on Jaws (it just happened to be on and everyone loves a good classic of course).  My kids were so in tune with that movie it was hilarious.  I should of taken pictures but sadly got distracted by baby Gene, he wanted to join in all the fun!

While the kids were content I decided to call Apple today to fix my Apple ID lol, the one that my kids  disabled while trying to download games… Yeah that was not the plan and totally not expected.  Well once I finally got someone on the line the kids decided to fight, yell, and make as much noise as possible- have you ever noticed when you get off the phone how quite they get- yeah that’s how it went once I did get off the phone.  Well once I fixed my ID…What do you think I finally decided to give in and do…YEP…Download #PokemonGo.  I did and it is the most entertaining app I have seen in a long time.  It has brought my inner nerd out!  Yes that’s right everyone I am a nerd and proud of it.  I love POKEMON!!! I grew up with the gameboy color and used to walk around playing all the different games that were Pokemon related.  Boy do I miss those days!

Well today while playing the game I finally realized how people get so attached and so careless all at the same time.  It is the most intriguing game yet and it takes all your focus as well.  I will say this though, it is definitely bringing people closer together and is causing a great revival in exercising and movement lol.  Yes fitness is something that most of us talk about but tend to neglect.  Well folks the people that own Pokemon did it lol.  They built an app that pleased the public and encouraged exercising all in one.  I think it was definitely a great way to get people in shape and on the move without making it feel like a chore.  I have to say as I continue to check out the app I am learning that as we play we really do need to take safety into account though.  Be Safe, Keep an eye on your surroundings, Watch where you step, and have fun…one note I would like to add though, I would travel in a group or at least with more than one person just to be safe!  Now go catch em all!


PokemonGo The New Way To Connect


The last two days have been extremely amusing due to the new app out there also known as #PokemonGo which has become the latest fad.  People walking aimlessly around the neighborhood, grocery stores, and even gas stations.  Sadly others are using it for mischievous purposes but on a funny note it has definitely gotten people to move more.

If you think you are lazy then you should definitely give this hot new app a try.  Pokemon is a great old fashion trend that the generation that grew up in the 90’s can truly appreciate!  The only concern about the app that has been brought up is the lack of safety.  People are a little careless and unaware of their surroundings while searching for Pokemon on their phones.  A good friend of mine did make a good point that it is bringing people together.  I think the app is fun and creative but people do need to take precautions of safety especially young children playing the game.  So go catch em all and have a blast one Pokemon at time! 😉

Cherishing the Moment

The last few days have been super busy and slightly unproductive but I have made lots of great memories that I will always cherish.  This past week has been full of the ups and downs and we are in the middle of trying to buy a house so that doesn’t help with the crazy but making memories with my little ones have been so rewarding over the last week.  Like the other day, as crazy as it got there were some hilarious moments that had me rolling on the floor.  For instance when I knocked over the corn mill on one of my cats in the kitchen while trying to make snacks for the kids and put up groceries, along while the kids are running throughout the house with the video game blaring in the background.  Yes those are the funny yet crazy moments that I love.  No matter how crazy your day can get there is always a way to turn around that moment into a cherished one.  Cherish the moment, scrap book it, take pictures, embrace it and enjoy it!  I don’t want to regret I want to remember all the fun, the good, the excitement I have and will have with my kids.  🙂

IMG_0413 (2).JPG

Saturday July 2nd


Today has been an interesting day considering that my older kids are hanging out with daddy today!  He thought it would be a great day to spend quality time with the older two.  I have managed to get the house in somewhat decent shape and have had a lot of downtime today which has been a nice change to my speedy Gonzales pace.

I decided today to give myself a Jamicure, watch the movie HOME for the hundredth time :), and spend one on one quality time with the little ones.  It has been such an amazing day so far and a very memorable one at that.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful Holiday Weekend as well.

Productivity at It’s Finest

This week has been a very productive one, the only thing I found unproductive was the doctor’s visit yesterday.  They didn’t seem to be as helpful and only left me with more problems to worry about.  I will say Vacation Bible School was a success though.

Today I have been kind of going with the flow and you know it really is funny how much more relaxed I am than when I am worrying about every little detail of my typical day.  I guess the lesson I learned from this is don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control just go at your own pace.  🙂  Can’t believe it is already July 1st!!! Yikes, time is just a flying this year!  Soon school will be starting and then Christmas!

I am brainstorming as well on another book I am wanting to write.  I really enjoy dystopian fiction novels and science fiction.  🙂  Well I hope you all have had a great day and enjoy your family during this wonderful Holiday weekend! shutter3




Recently I have become obsessed with the beauty of photography.  I believe I have always loved it though but didn’t find the drive until recently.  Taking pictures has always been my thing especially when it came to my kids and my husband.  I find photography a beautiful way to tell a story.  As they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words!’ yes, that is so true.  Check out my Facebook Page and Instagram page for a sneak peak at my recent works!!!

Eek…It’s Monday!!!


Monday….Eek! The day that we all dread!  To be honest Mondays are not the greatest only because that day starts the work week for most.  It is the beginning of a new week or should I say a clean slate and leaves us pondering how the week is going to go based on how it goes on Monday.  Today even though it is a Monday, I am thankful!  Today is Memorial Day and I am proud to be an American.  There are troops and veterans out there that are serving and have served our country so we can be free.  Yes, today is Monday, but you know today has me thinking we tend to sweat the little stuff and forget what really matters.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and remembers that no matter how bad your day gets that God is in control and that we are very blessed.  We should be thankful for what we already have instead of coveting what we don’t.