Eek…It’s Monday!!!


Monday….Eek! The day that we all dread!  To be honest Mondays are not the greatest only because that day starts the work week for most.  It is the beginning of a new week or should I say a clean slate and leaves us pondering how the week is going to go based on how it goes on Monday.  Today even though it is a Monday, I am thankful!  Today is Memorial Day and I am proud to be an American.  There are troops and veterans out there that are serving and have served our country so we can be free.  Yes, today is Monday, but you know today has me thinking we tend to sweat the little stuff and forget what really matters.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and remembers that no matter how bad your day gets that God is in control and that we are very blessed.  We should be thankful for what we already have instead of coveting what we don’t.