Potty Training at it’s BEST….correction WoRsT

Potty Training.  Yep Potty Training…the stage where the child takes the reigns and the parents watch in horror.  Days where pooping and peeing becomes an hourly concern…yep that’s right Potty Training.  Everyone has their CrAzY, funny, embarrassing, serious, and ambitious moment to tell when it comes down to the toilet training lessons.


Well I have a secret…yeah that’s right a secret.  Your going to hear advice, stories, and old-wives tales about potty training a child…well I am here to tell you now, don’t take the advice.  Go at your own pace, go at your child’s own pace.  Listen to their bodies, let them embrace potty training.  Do not make it a chore, make it FUN!  As a former preschool teacher I saw a lot of progress but at home with my kids it was like…Yeah well NOT HAPPENING.  It was really overwhelming for me especially when it came down to my first two.  My oldest son has been diagnosed with Autism disorder and ADHD.  Both=Interesting moments let me tell you.  From my experience I have learned never rush a child into submission of Potty Training it will only lead to disappointment and a lot of frustration.  Comparing your kids to other kids=BAD IDEA as well.  To be honest from my years of working with kids of ALL ages and having four of my own I have learned no child is the same.  They all have their own agenda to fulfill at their own pace.  I’m not saying to stop your efforts…I’m just giving a little nudge at the idea of letting your child explore and become familiar with the potty at his or her own pace.  ALL CHILDREN ARE DIFFERENT IN EVERY WAY, that’s what makes each and everyone of us unique!