Being SuperMommy!

Everywhere you go there are going to be challenges when you are a parent.  I have four kids, three boys and one girl and my days are always full of entertainment lol.  There are crazy days where I feel like pulling out my hair but there are also days where I am reminded of the gift of Motherhood and Fatherhood.  Those two roles are never easy, working or non-working, either way there are challenges along the way that you have to face and overcome. I have done both, worked outside the home and have had the luxury of being home with my kids.  I am currently at home with my kids right now and sell Jamberry Nail Wraps and Avon.  I also am registered at some freelancing sites as part-time work. I encourage all parents to embrace parenthood with an open-mind.  It is a different experience for everyone but extremely rewarding!!! I want this website to be for parents to share with other parents about their ups and downs of parenthood.


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