The Ultimate Gift

This week I have been at church camp and have been unable to get as much done with my writing. This week has been so rewarding though! Watching young children get saved and commit their lives to the Lord is what it is ALL about!

Today I am going to share with you an experience that happened this week that really touched me.  My daughter Shirley broke down into tears Wednesday night after service.  I questioned her to see what was wrong!  The first thought as a mother you automatically think the worst.  Well she opened up and said ‘Jesus’!  At first I didn’t know how to react, I went on probing her thoughts as any mother would.  She went on to say ‘died for our sins and I’m a sinner’.  Once those words slipped out of her mouth I felt the tears form in my eyes.  I knew then she was grasping the weight of the price Jesus paid for ALL of us.  She was hurting because of the price Jesus paid for her sins, our sins!  It was such a beautiful and touching moment.  She will be six next week and has become aware!  God can convict your heart at any age and at anytime!  This was an eye opener for me because I forget how much our kids pick up and how much they truly understand!!

God sent Jesus to die on the Cross for OUR sins.  He paid the ULTIMATE price!  It is a FREE gift, ALL you have to do is pray and put your TRUST in JESUS!