Recently I have been troubled by our country’s leaders actions.  We need God back in our country!  Without God we are nothing, He is the foundation that our founding fathers founded this country upon.

When did freedom of speech become freedom of acts-like over zealous rioting (put nicely).  Yes we have the freedom to voice our opinion but to act on aggression and hatred should not be tolerated.

We are civil adults… Not children!  Show initiative and leadership, be an example.  Our children are watching our every move and hearing our every word.  Always remember there is always a better way to handle a situation that doesn’t involve vulgarity and violence!

Pray for our country daily!!  ❤️


My StoryBook

Sometimes I wonder if I am literally in the twilight zone :).  Laundry everywhere, toys scattered like death traps…Yikes! and  video games a blaring  while the cats are chasing each other from one end to the house to the other.  Yep, that is a typical day for me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Being a mom is so enjoyable and has so much meaning.  Through the crazy and dramatic moments there are always unforgettable memories being created.  Life is like a story book with lots of amazing pictures.  The memories are the pictures and as you gain them you are building on your story.  So what is your story… What is your adventure?

We all have a story to tell no matter how interesting, strange, out of this world it may sound.  Everyone is different and has a purpose to fulfill.  No one can write your story except yourself.  Mine is to serve the Lord ALL the days of my life, standing by my beloved husband through it all, to be the best Mom I can possibly be to my Children, and live my life to the fullest!  🙂

God is so Great!

Patience is a hard trait to follow through on, especially when you are eager!  Recently I have been struggling with the ability to be patient.  As my health declines and the grief from my beloved grandfather takes a toll on me my ability to be patient has been tested.  

I am trying to rebuild myself one piece at a time.  Sometimes that’s all you can do!  As God tries us we tend to shut down and sulk.  But God is in control no matter what circumstance you may be facing!  Thank goodness!! God is my rock and foundation and without him I would fall to pieces!!!  God is so Great!!!!! 😊

Talk about a Scare!

Leave it to my two year old Joseph to give me the scare of a lifetime!  Last night at 11:00pm…yeah we were all still awake!  Well Joe Joe decided to take a stroll without mommy.  I was finishing up feeding the baby and I heard Joseph cry!  I quickly hear him calm down when another adult consoles him, so I unlatch the baby and position him on the bed so he won’t fall off!  I slide off the bed and go hunting for him but realize he is nowhere to be found in the dorm!! I quickly panic and frantically search inside, but no sight of him.  Once I realize he isn’t inside the building I race outside with a few more ladies!  He was no where to be found. I see a child from the distance that resembles Joe Joe but realize very quickly that was not my son.  At this point I felt my whole body go numb.  My heart was frantically beating and my stomach was in knots.  It was pitch dark and we were in the middle of nowhere!  Frantically a whole bunch of other camp counsellors jump on in the search.  Well within five minutes of searching he was found!!! He had chased the baby kitten that was on the camp grounds to the other side of the camp!  Talk about a relief and a scare that will imprint on me for the rest of my life.  There is nothing like the feeling of not knowing where your child is!! I am writing this post to raise awareness!  You can turn your back for a second and that’s all it takes!!! I don’t wish that fear, that pain, that feeling upon anyone!

I am sharing this story so other parents are aware of how quickly your child can disappear from your sight.  I am fortunate that nothing happened to him and that he is safe but others are not so fortunate.

Shirley and Ryder

I am dedicating this post to my daughter Shirley and her boyfriend Ryder!

For two years my daughter and Ryder have been boyfriend and girlfriend!  The only time they see each other is camp but ALL year around they stay devoted to each other!  It is the cutest little romance!  I just love the innocence behind their little fling!  They are so inspiring and are both such sweethearts!  Church Camp 2016!!!

The Ultimate Gift

This week I have been at church camp and have been unable to get as much done with my writing. This week has been so rewarding though! Watching young children get saved and commit their lives to the Lord is what it is ALL about!

Today I am going to share with you an experience that happened this week that really touched me.  My daughter Shirley broke down into tears Wednesday night after service.  I questioned her to see what was wrong!  The first thought as a mother you automatically think the worst.  Well she opened up and said ‘Jesus’!  At first I didn’t know how to react, I went on probing her thoughts as any mother would.  She went on to say ‘died for our sins and I’m a sinner’.  Once those words slipped out of her mouth I felt the tears form in my eyes.  I knew then she was grasping the weight of the price Jesus paid for ALL of us.  She was hurting because of the price Jesus paid for her sins, our sins!  It was such a beautiful and touching moment.  She will be six next week and has become aware!  God can convict your heart at any age and at anytime!  This was an eye opener for me because I forget how much our kids pick up and how much they truly understand!!

God sent Jesus to die on the Cross for OUR sins.  He paid the ULTIMATE price!  It is a FREE gift, ALL you have to do is pray and put your TRUST in JESUS!