A Gift



I have noticed when working from home that I don’t seem as motivated and am more likely to become distracted. Yep distracted….either by my silly wildcats (joking-not) or my very creative kids find a way to pull this mommy away (which is honestly a great excuse to use).  Balancing home life can be very complicated sometimes especially when it is combined with my work life. Finding that balance is key.  I have decided recently that working after the kids go down to sleep at night has been such a better approach than my ‘I am going to try to work through the Chaos’ method.

I will say recently I have found a greater joy being home with the kids than I ever did before.  For a while I was lost in what I wanted to do with my life.  I felt unsure about every decision I made.  Now since my grandfather passed last September I have found a more meaningful understanding of how precious life is and how often we take life for granted.  I have found out how beautiful motherhood truly is and how blessed I am to be the mother of my four amazing kids!  I want all you wonderful parents out there to know it is a gift to be a parent and an honor that should always be cherished.



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