My StoryBook

Sometimes I wonder if I am literally in the twilight zone :).  Laundry everywhere, toys scattered like death traps…Yikes! and  video games a blaring  while the cats are chasing each other from one end to the house to the other.  Yep, that is a typical day for me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Being a mom is so enjoyable and has so much meaning.  Through the crazy and dramatic moments there are always unforgettable memories being created.  Life is like a story book with lots of amazing pictures.  The memories are the pictures and as you gain them you are building on your story.  So what is your story… What is your adventure?

We all have a story to tell no matter how interesting, strange, out of this world it may sound.  Everyone is different and has a purpose to fulfill.  No one can write your story except yourself.  Mine is to serve the Lord ALL the days of my life, standing by my beloved husband through it all, to be the best Mom I can possibly be to my Children, and live my life to the fullest!  🙂