Picture perfect fun!


Happy Birthday to my other halves!

Dear Michael and Stephen Warren,

I miss you both dearly and hope you two have an amazing birthday tomorrow.  I am sorry I will not be there to partake in all the fun you two will be having.  Being a triplet is an experience, a joy, a unique bond that can never be broken no matter how far a part we are from each other.  I love you both and want you to know that I will always be here if you ever need me.  Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY you two.

me and my brothers

One day…

me and my brothers


I am dedicating this blog post to you Michael and Stephen Warren, I hope that one day you will read this and smile.  I will always love you both, we are one.  All three us are bound by blood, as triplets.  Even though now we are separated I will always love you both unconditionally.

I want you both to know that you are and always will be special to me.  The pain lingers, the burden is strong, and yes the anger has grown within reason.  I understand, I get the pain and I want you to know that no matter how bad it hurts I will always be here to be whatever you need me to be.  My love for you two will never fail and I will never give up on you two.  I think of you both daily and will one day hopefully if you allow it embrace you both as siblings again.