As a parent we sometimes feel just a little bit uncertain on how to approach certain situations regarding how your kids are going to react to it. That is perfectly spot on for most of us, to be honest for me I really try to do my best at preparing my kiddos but usually fail miserably. This is because I overthink the situation or I overstep. Allowing our kids to grow and learn is important. Hovering over them and constantly dictating how they should react or just act in a situation can be more harmful than helpful. I say this because I am definitely learning this with my ten year old, he is so ambitious, and very particular about many things. I have had to really take a step back and talk more with him about situations so he can make the better choice instead of me making it for him. For instance, like when he upset with his brother, how should he handle it… should he fight back by hitting or coming and talking to mommy and daddy about it so we can help him? This topic has just been really heavy on my heart because I see so many parents trying to overwhelm their children and themselves because they are holding on and fighting for so much control. Just like tug o war you fight for to much control they are going to resist and fight back. Go with the flow, allow your kids to experience, live, have fun…with boundaries of course, just understand you have to be able to let them be kids.



Parenting can be a live comedy!  Daily I find humor in the little things that arise during our day!  Kids have a way about bringing laughter and joy when everything else seems complicated and overwhelming.  It is true, when you become a parent you really don’t have a dull moment in your life no more. Always expect the unexpected, especially if you have a toddler at home.  They will definitely bring the best out of us parents when they decide to get into mischief.   It is a priveledge and joy to watch my kids grow, try things, experience life, and embrace the difficult trials because memories are being made.  Enjoy your little ones, take time to notice and compliment the good.  Time is not a luxury it is a gift that should be taken with care!  

Happy Birthday to my other halves!

Dear Michael and Stephen Warren,

I miss you both dearly and hope you two have an amazing birthday tomorrow.  I am sorry I will not be there to partake in all the fun you two will be having.  Being a triplet is an experience, a joy, a unique bond that can never be broken no matter how far a part we are from each other.  I love you both and want you to know that I will always be here if you ever need me.  Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY you two.

me and my brothers

One day…

me and my brothers


I am dedicating this blog post to you Michael and Stephen Warren, I hope that one day you will read this and smile.  I will always love you both, we are one.  All three us are bound by blood, as triplets.  Even though now we are separated I will always love you both unconditionally.

I want you both to know that you are and always will be special to me.  The pain lingers, the burden is strong, and yes the anger has grown within reason.  I understand, I get the pain and I want you to know that no matter how bad it hurts I will always be here to be whatever you need me to be.  My love for you two will never fail and I will never give up on you two.  I think of you both daily and will one day hopefully if you allow it embrace you both as siblings again.