Communication is Key 

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Parenthood is never easy, there’s always going to be hills to climb and obstacles to avoid.  Communication seems to be my biggest issue when it comes to parenting. For example as the parent of four the thought of communication goes right out the window either due to kids yelling, throwing fits, and mommy pulling her hair out lol!!!

I am far from perfect.  Today I realized that we all have major faults as parents we just don’t see it until others point the flaws out.  We become blind-sided by our comfort.  When we become comfortable with a habit, it becomes hard to break.

Here are some tips that have been working for me over the last few months.  Taking deep breaths and remembering to take in the memories and don’t sweat the little stuff has become important…..hard lol…..but important!  Speaking from experience here: Always embrace the moment because time doesn’t slow down.


Being SuperMommy!

Everywhere you go there are going to be challenges when you are a parent.  I have four kids, three boys and one girl and my days are always full of entertainment lol.  There are crazy days where I feel like pulling out my hair but there are also days where I am reminded of the gift of Motherhood and Fatherhood.  Those two roles are never easy, working or non-working, either way there are challenges along the way that you have to face and overcome. I have done both, worked outside the home and have had the luxury of being home with my kids.  I am currently at home with my kids right now and sell Jamberry Nail Wraps and Avon.  I also am registered at some freelancing sites as part-time work. I encourage all parents to embrace parenthood with an open-mind.  It is a different experience for everyone but extremely rewarding!!! I want this website to be for parents to share with other parents about their ups and downs of parenthood.