August 12th 2016

Today I have achieved so much!  It makes me so happy that I was able to be more productive.  Due to all the stress my motivation has been terrible but now that it has been lifted off my shoulders I feel so much more alive.  Stress is aterrible villain that sneaks up on you and consumes you till you have nothing left. Managing stress has never been my strong suite to say the least but I feel like I am growing.  Through many prayers and patience God got me through the tough patches and in result made me stronger in my faith.  If we don’t go through the tough stuff we will never grow and learn.  Today I am spending some much time with my kiddos and enjoying the little moments.  That’s what life is all about. 


Time Flies

It seems like it was only but yesterday when we were expecting our first baby, Timothy!  Now I have four amazing kids, three of which will be attending school…yikes.  Where does the time go?? Timothy will be in Second, Shirley in First, and my little Joseph aka Joe Joe 😜 will be in preschool!!!! Enjoy every moment you have with your sweet little ones, this is advice to one parent to another.  Time goes quicker than we think!!! Don’t underestimate it.  

….The Overbearing Advice of the People…..

As new mothers, there are days where we want to just mute our ears due to the advice we hear while in public.  It’s everywhere…everyone has an opinion even yourself.  I know I have opinions and don’t even realize how intimidating they are to others.  We tend to overstep boundaries without even realizing it sometimes.  Honestly I think it is very easy for others to judge when it is not their problem to deal with.

Every parent, especially mothers deserves a chance to get settled into parenthood.  WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. Trust me there is no going around that.  If you don’t make mistakes you will never learn.  I know…I know….parenting is tough isn’t it, there are days where I question myself based on choices I have made throughout the day.  I think it is important for parents to realize it is okay to take advice, it is okay for others to give advice….but there is a BUT….we should all know when to take a step back.  Sometimes just backing off and just being there for the person you are trying to help is the best way to make the situation better.  I know it sounds silly but sometimes it ends better if you just say “Look I am here if you need anything, or if you want I have some great advice that has worked for me.”  Things like that can move mountains in a situation that seems grim from the get go.  It can change a negative situation to a positive one.  Advice can be intimidating when not asked for in the first place.  Just think about that the next time you feel the need to step in and give a little advice.

Morning CrAzY!!

….Mornings…..starting to wonder if it is a trend but mornings….Ugh! Summer has begun, kids are out of school, and the fun has just started. Today I came to the realization I tend to forget even in the crazy how precious every moment is. With the television noise blaring in the background, the baby crying, the three year old screaming “cereal” as he is running throughout the house only wearing his diaper…Yep those are the moments we take for granted. I take for granted but shouldn’t. I forget as many other parents out there do that no matter how crazy your day can get there is always beauty in every moment. One day I am going to look back on what I know as ‘Morning CrAzY’ and laugh because overall they are funny and beautiful moments that you as a parent share with your kids. Trust me one day you will wish you could go back to those insane moments when they are all grown up.