Understanding Autism

Being a parent can be very difficult especially if you add autism to the mix. For me that is a challenge, one I am not too fond of. Today I find out if my third son is on the spectrum, which in a Way makes me nervous. If he is diagnosed that will make it three for three. I have five kids, three boys and two girls. None of my boys have escaped the burden of autism so far and the first screening we had with our last was not good at all.

It is so discouraging at times to watch my sons struggle everyday. My nine year old struggles the most and it just breaks my heart. Knowing that he gets bullied at school doesn’t help at all either. It is definitely a hard transition for my babies when it comes to interacting with their peers, strangers, or other social experiences. It’s sad to watch them get overwhelmed when I take them out into the store knowing many are probably viewing him as a bad kid and not one that needs comfort and understanding.

My goal here is to help bring awareness for Autism. So many don’t understand it!!! I hate when people say ‘they don’t look autistic’, well no duh, Autism is so much more involved. Every child, adult, person is different on the spectrum. First ask questions, do research but don’t judge. Until you know the struggle and heartache just pray and be more understanding. Also feel free to check out my website, The Family Way


Broken Country

My heart breaks for all those lives that lost so much due to the horrendous flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Praying for all of you!  This event has really caused my heart to ache just by hearing of this terrible catastrophe.  I was also saddened to know our own President is taking a vacation while many suffer because of the flooding.

America needs to step up and become the nation she used to be!  We need compassion, leadership, and God back in our country.  She is a dying country without God!  It saddens me so to watch America to deteriorate before my eyes.  We have forgotten what it means to be an American!  We should be proud and unashamed!  We should stand up and make a stand on our values and morals!  

We have lost the foundation to which our forefathers founded this land upon.  Justice and the Law have become Luke warm to most.  I see so much injustice and unlawful acts daily that most don’t react to but if someone helps out to do some good they are bashed for it.  It just makes me so sad! ūüėĒ

The Unexpected

We are always trying to solve problems!¬† It’s in our nature…right?¬† Well today I think I got a taste of what it is like to put all the pieces together.¬† It hurts sometimes to be faced with a problem that you can’t fix.¬† The problem I am dealing with is a frustrating one too.

I feel as if now I am going to have to take a step back and put a halt to my chaos!  God is truly testing my faith right now and I am hoping I am passing with flying colors considering the circumstances.

Within the midst of the complications I am having to overcome I have seen the beauty and grace of God’s love bloom in my life.¬† Today when I was going through my testing and I was faced with some complicating choices I realized their is so much to be thankful for.

Life is so easy to let slip away.¬† I have been forgetting the idea of making memories and just scurries through the day like a chicken with my head cut off!¬† The unexpected I guess isn’t a bad thing if you look at the good it can bring.¬† It helps you focus on your priorities and sorts them more accurately than if you had no problems to face.

Always remember life is full of bumps in the road.

Talk about a Scare!

Leave it to my two year old Joseph to give me the scare of a lifetime! ¬†Last night at 11:00pm…yeah we were all still awake! ¬†Well Joe Joe decided to take a stroll without mommy. ¬†I was finishing up feeding the baby and I heard Joseph cry! ¬†I quickly hear him calm down when another adult consoles him, so I unlatch the baby and position him on the bed so he won’t fall off! ¬†I slide off the bed and go hunting for him but realize he is nowhere to be found in the dorm!! I quickly panic and frantically search inside, but no sight of him. ¬†Once I realize he isn’t inside the building I race outside with a few more ladies! ¬†He was no where to be found. I see a child from the distance that resembles Joe Joe but realize very quickly that was not my son. ¬†At this point I felt my whole body go numb. ¬†My heart was frantically beating and my stomach was in knots. ¬†It was pitch dark and we were in the middle of nowhere! ¬†Frantically a whole bunch of other camp counsellors jump on in the search. ¬†Well within five minutes of searching he was found!!! He had chased the baby kitten that was on the camp grounds to the other side of the camp! ¬†Talk about a relief and a scare that will imprint on me for the rest of my life. ¬†There is nothing like the feeling of not knowing where your child is!! I am writing this post to raise awareness! ¬†You can turn your back for a second and that’s all it takes!!! I don’t wish that fear, that pain, that feeling upon anyone!

I am sharing this story so other parents are aware of how quickly your child can disappear from your sight.  I am fortunate that nothing happened to him and that he is safe but others are not so fortunate.

Taking the Next Step



Time is not a luxury we can afford to waist.¬† I didn’t really think about that until recently.¬† My grandfather, Ted Warren, passed in September of 015.¬† He was like my dad, he raised me with my Dad and Grandmother, who died when I was nine years old.¬† Death can creep on you so quickly without warning and I think that is one thing we tend to forget especially children.¬† They don’t have a care in the world and to be honest I would rather they don’t.¬† It is good for children to not have to worry about the daily stressors of an adults life.¬† We live, we learn, and we embrace: that is my motto.

The one gift both my grandmother and grandfather left me was the foundation of salvation.¬† One gift that is eternal!¬† If it weren’t for them sharing God’s Word with me I don’t know where I would be or scarier who I would be.¬† I am so thankful and have a better understanding of why my grandfather gave up everything he had for others.¬† He was a true example of the person God would want me and you to be.

When we lose someone we tend to get lost in grief (trust me, I know this one too well).¬† Taking the next step is always the hardest.¬† We don’t want to always go forward because of the doubts we have in our own lives especially when we lose that person we love.¬† I am still trying to find my way through the fog of grief.¬† It can definitely hold its grip and cause bumpy hurdles that make it hard to see the light ahead.¬† The best advice I can give you is LOVE HARD, EMBRACE THE MOMENT, NEVER LET GO, and PRAY ALWAYS.¬† Those are what keep me moving forward daily.¬† I hope that if you are in a state of grief that you are able to see the good around you.¬† Always know that it does get easier, you never forget, but the pain does ease with time.¬† Think of the good and embrace the happy memories!! I promise it helps.