Tuesday 27th of September 

It’s a brisk day full of sunshine!  Everyone is here at the school waiting to pick up their kiddos as am I!  My poor baby Gene has his first cold which has been really sad!  Today he just slept a lot.  I really can’t blame him!  Me and Joseph just hung out together while he napped 😊.  Watching my kids grow up is difficult, everything happens so fast!! It is so crazy how quickly our kiddos grow up!  Never take time for granted, it can’t be replaced.


Blog post overdue!!!!

Sometimes life catches up with us and our busy lives get a little out of sorts.  For me it’s been a long summer!!! I am so glad we are approaching the lovely season of Fall.  It has always been my favorite time of the year!  

With school now in session and everyone finally getting back on a routine everything is finally starting to calm down a bit. 🙂 

I have recently discovered snapchat.  It has become one of my favorite things to play on when the kids want to take pictures.  

I will be starting up my blog posting again and plan to also post lots of pictures too!  Hope everyone has a Fabulous Day!

August 12th 2016

Today I have achieved so much!  It makes me so happy that I was able to be more productive.  Due to all the stress my motivation has been terrible but now that it has been lifted off my shoulders I feel so much more alive.  Stress is aterrible villain that sneaks up on you and consumes you till you have nothing left. Managing stress has never been my strong suite to say the least but I feel like I am growing.  Through many prayers and patience God got me through the tough patches and in result made me stronger in my faith.  If we don’t go through the tough stuff we will never grow and learn.  Today I am spending some much time with my kiddos and enjoying the little moments.  That’s what life is all about. 

Cleaning is no joke…lol!

Cleaning is no joke when you have little ones… Right!?  Well as I see it, cleaning is hilarious when you have little ones running around.  You pick one item up and another pops up on the floor.  It is literally my never ending story along with the laundry duty that goes on in this house.  Yeah got to say laundry isn’t my favorite chore either.  The joys of parenthood, I will say this though cleaning with the kids is awesome.  Watching them put away the toys and bicker where the right place to put the them away is hilarious.  Some of the craziest conversations come along during clean-up time.  Then there are the days when clean up is not an option, yep…those days occur too.  To be fair I think adults have a similar mindset, we tend to have those days that we won’t nothing to do with adulting.  Cleaning up can be a pain…along with laundry :).  I just find it so funny that as adults we still have that child-like attitude towards cleaning and grown-up responsibilities.  Our kids are literally our little mini mes…mine sure are.  I just love connecting with them and spending quality time with them even in the most serious moments of our busy lives.

Pinterest Addiction Alert

Yep…. That’s right!  Pinterest has become the latest fad in my little bubble!

When you have kiddos finding crafts can be a chore at times.  Not with Pinterest ❤️.  Nope!  All you have to do is browse and you will find something that will interest you! 😉

Trust me, Pinterest has everything you can think of.  I even promote my Avon and Jamberry businesses on there.  

It is a great place to also throw out your ideas to others as well.  Yep Pinterest has become this mommy’s new best friend!!!

Delayed Scoop! :)


I know it has been a while since I have written and I apologize about that.  There has been a whole lot of crazy going on and I decided to take a step back and take a breather.  Sometimes we need to take a step back and just breathe.

This week VBS started and it has been an AMAZING week :)!  I am really nervous though, this week we are hoping to find out if we will get a house that we are trying to buy.  That has a lot to do with my stress level recently.

I have been focusing on my Jamberry and Avon businesses.  It has been a great way for me to be productive in my free time and meet new people.  Also I have been working on my Dystopian Novel as well, hopefully I will have it finished by early August.   So I have been trying to keep myself busy throughout the chaos of summer.

Summer comes with its ups and its downs lol.  There is never a dull moment at my house that is for sure.  My four kids love to keep my world entertained and it is great.  Recently my daughter has discovered her creative side and has been drawing a lot more.  It is so sweet to watch them develop new skills and find themselves.  They are truly my world!





Recently I have become obsessed with the beauty of photography.  I believe I have always loved it though but didn’t find the drive until recently.  Taking pictures has always been my thing especially when it came to my kids and my husband.  I find photography a beautiful way to tell a story.  As they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words!’ yes, that is so true.  Check out my Facebook Page and Instagram page for a sneak peak at my recent works!!!



CrAzY Weeks!

I know I have been out of touch and haven’t been blogging recently.  My schedule has been extremely crazy recently due to Church Camp (which was AMAZING!),  selling and throwing Jamberry and Avon parties, planning for VBS (vacation Bible school), three birthdays this week, and the list goes on.  Yes, as a parent we tend to forget that time is not a luxury *SIGH* but I am here to say no matter how busy you stay always try to stay focused on the positive.  It is an uphill battle sometimes but always remember it may be a challenge to climb to the top of that hill but once at the top its an easy slide down.

No matter how crazy your days and weeks are you are AMAZING.  If you haven’t heard that by anyone else then I will say it.  As a parent you work hard to provide the best possible care for your child.  You stride to make sure they have the best no matter what the cost is.  Remember you are their hero even if everyone else views you differently.  YOU. ARE. GREAT. 🙂

Here is my mommy page (its for all parents- feel free to join or recommend :))


Shirley and Ryder

I am dedicating this post to my daughter Shirley and her boyfriend Ryder!

For two years my daughter and Ryder have been boyfriend and girlfriend!  The only time they see each other is camp but ALL year around they stay devoted to each other!  It is the cutest little romance!  I just love the innocence behind their little fling!  They are so inspiring and are both such sweethearts!  Church Camp 2016!!!

Baking Cookies!!!!

Wanted to share a cookie recipe for any moms that love baking cookies and if you have any little ones with allergies with egg.

You need: 1 lb of butter
2 cups of sugar
3 cups of flour
2 cap fulls of vanilla
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of baking soda

First take the butter and the two cups of sugar, mix it up until creamy. Then add the three cups of flour. Add the vanilla abstract (2 cap fulls). Then the teaspoon of salt and baking soda. Mix it up until it is all blended. Once mixed transfer to a bowl and put it in the fridge until ready to use. Spoon out some dough and bake in the oven at 350 for 8-10 minutes!!!  Beware: Sugar Alert!

cookies cookies 2