Understanding Autism

Being a parent can be very difficult especially if you add autism to the mix. For me that is a challenge, one I am not too fond of. Today I find out if my third son is on the spectrum, which in a Way makes me nervous. If he is diagnosed that will make it three for three. I have five kids, three boys and two girls. None of my boys have escaped the burden of autism so far and the first screening we had with our last was not good at all.

It is so discouraging at times to watch my sons struggle everyday. My nine year old struggles the most and it just breaks my heart. Knowing that he gets bullied at school doesn’t help at all either. It is definitely a hard transition for my babies when it comes to interacting with their peers, strangers, or other social experiences. It’s sad to watch them get overwhelmed when I take them out into the store knowing many are probably viewing him as a bad kid and not one that needs comfort and understanding.

My goal here is to help bring awareness for Autism. So many don’t understand it!!! I hate when people say ‘they don’t look autistic’, well no duh, Autism is so much more involved. Every child, adult, person is different on the spectrum. First ask questions, do research but don’t judge. Until you know the struggle and heartache just pray and be more understanding. Also feel free to check out my website, The Family Way


Over Thinking!


family pic

Today has been one of those days where I have been thinking too much.  It has been almost a year now since I lost someone very dear to me.  My mind has been in overdrive going through the last days before the passing of my dear grandfather.  He was special, ambitious, and always compassionate towards others.  A fighter for God and always a true example of the person I am striding to be.

As I go through the memory lane I am remembering the joy and heart-felt love that he always showed no matter how rough his day got.  He never gave up on me and always gave me the encouragement I needed to push forward.

It has been a rough year for me.  The hardest part behind his death was picking the pieces up and moving forward with my life.  He was my friend, the one I could pick up the phone and talk to when my day was not going so well.  He was the one where I could always depend on to be there when I needed someone to listen, encourage, and push me when I felt down.  We talked everyday, more than once and that was the best.

As I move forward I am having to re-find myself in all the chaos.  Rebuilding the broken pieces and replacing them with new memories, new friends, a new beginning or should I say chapter.  Even though he is gone he will always be there cheering me on just as he used to.