Unheard Voices

Where do I begin…society seems to be in divided tyranny.  There is one major stance I take very seriously, one that many take offense to or shun because in some eyes it is not a politically correct view to take a stand for.

Recently I have seen a lot of terrible posts regarding abortion also known as Murder.  Yes, I know I said the “M” word and Yes I meant it.  I am saddened by the unborn babies that lose their lives daily due to the lack of responsibility and compassion for life.

Somebody has to raise a voice for those that can’t speak or stand up for themselves! We do that for our own children every single day.  When you conceive a child your title as a mother and father is automatic no exceptions.  Unborn babies feel, hear, and are intelligent.  They are gifts from the Lord and so many take them for granted.  

It is just breaking my heart….Take a Stand!  Fight for the Unborn!!!



These last few weeks have been a challenge for me and as a result my blogging got put on the back burner for a bit.  Life surely has its twists and turns, most you don’t even expect or see until you are faced with the dilemma.  

I have learned though with all the stress, pain, and endurance we feel there will always beat sense of self worth and achievement that follows.  I recently had to learn the hard way that stressing is not the answer to any problem, all it did was make me very sick.

As change enters my family again I try to remind myself that no matter how difficult or stressful a situation may seem there is always a way to make the transition more enjoyable. 

Ways to Cope with Stress…

  1. Take a Break: walk away from the problem or project.  Give yourself a break to re-evaluate your game plan.
  2. Eat and Drink lots of Water!  Make sure you are taking care of YOU!  That always helps when faced with a stressful dilemma.
  3. Take a Warm Bath or Shower 😌
  4. Take notes or jot down what your goals are!  This is a great way to see where your head is at.
  5. Prayer is a top priority when stress is involved, there is Ning too great for God!

I hope these coping mechanisms help you all that do deal with stress on a day to day basis.

Crazy Thursday


Well considering I slept half the day due to the lack of energy I have been feeling lately, it has definitely been troubling.  It seems like my crazy sleep schedule is catching up with me. Once I got up, my kids decided to clean their room!  Wow….don’t hear that often.  Usually there is a major battle that goes on to get that job done.  Yep, they did…well most of it at least.  Better than anytime I have ever fought them to do it lol.  Well after that it was lunch time so we decided to have left over soup.  Well beyond my knowledge they weren’t too hungry.  They had snacked on ALL the goodies in the kitchen when me and Daddy weren’t looking.  Yep that happened, so they weren’t too eager to sit down to eat.

Now came the battle of the television lol.  Everyone wanted to do something different!  Games, movies, television in general….well…I fixed that! I decided to put on Jaws (it just happened to be on and everyone loves a good classic of course).  My kids were so in tune with that movie it was hilarious.  I should of taken pictures but sadly got distracted by baby Gene, he wanted to join in all the fun!

While the kids were content I decided to call Apple today to fix my Apple ID lol, the one that my kids  disabled while trying to download games… Yeah that was not the plan and totally not expected.  Well once I finally got someone on the line the kids decided to fight, yell, and make as much noise as possible- have you ever noticed when you get off the phone how quite they get- yeah that’s how it went once I did get off the phone.  Well once I fixed my ID…What do you think I finally decided to give in and do…YEP…Download #PokemonGo.  I did and it is the most entertaining app I have seen in a long time.  It has brought my inner nerd out!  Yes that’s right everyone I am a nerd and proud of it.  I love POKEMON!!! I grew up with the gameboy color and used to walk around playing all the different games that were Pokemon related.  Boy do I miss those days!

Well today while playing the game I finally realized how people get so attached and so careless all at the same time.  It is the most intriguing game yet and it takes all your focus as well.  I will say this though, it is definitely bringing people closer together and is causing a great revival in exercising and movement lol.  Yes fitness is something that most of us talk about but tend to neglect.  Well folks the people that own Pokemon did it lol.  They built an app that pleased the public and encouraged exercising all in one.  I think it was definitely a great way to get people in shape and on the move without making it feel like a chore.  I have to say as I continue to check out the app I am learning that as we play we really do need to take safety into account though.  Be Safe, Keep an eye on your surroundings, Watch where you step, and have fun…one note I would like to add though, I would travel in a group or at least with more than one person just to be safe!  Now go catch em all!


Cleaning is no joke…lol!

Cleaning is no joke when you have little ones… Right!?  Well as I see it, cleaning is hilarious when you have little ones running around.  You pick one item up and another pops up on the floor.  It is literally my never ending story along with the laundry duty that goes on in this house.  Yeah got to say laundry isn’t my favorite chore either.  The joys of parenthood, I will say this though cleaning with the kids is awesome.  Watching them put away the toys and bicker where the right place to put the them away is hilarious.  Some of the craziest conversations come along during clean-up time.  Then there are the days when clean up is not an option, yep…those days occur too.  To be fair I think adults have a similar mindset, we tend to have those days that we won’t nothing to do with adulting.  Cleaning up can be a pain…along with laundry :).  I just find it so funny that as adults we still have that child-like attitude towards cleaning and grown-up responsibilities.  Our kids are literally our little mini mes…mine sure are.  I just love connecting with them and spending quality time with them even in the most serious moments of our busy lives.

Cherishing the Moment

The last few days have been super busy and slightly unproductive but I have made lots of great memories that I will always cherish.  This past week has been full of the ups and downs and we are in the middle of trying to buy a house so that doesn’t help with the crazy but making memories with my little ones have been so rewarding over the last week.  Like the other day, as crazy as it got there were some hilarious moments that had me rolling on the floor.  For instance when I knocked over the corn mill on one of my cats in the kitchen while trying to make snacks for the kids and put up groceries, along while the kids are running throughout the house with the video game blaring in the background.  Yes those are the funny yet crazy moments that I love.  No matter how crazy your day can get there is always a way to turn around that moment into a cherished one.  Cherish the moment, scrap book it, take pictures, embrace it and enjoy it!  I don’t want to regret I want to remember all the fun, the good, the excitement I have and will have with my kids.  🙂

IMG_0413 (2).JPG

Saturday July 2nd


Today has been an interesting day considering that my older kids are hanging out with daddy today!  He thought it would be a great day to spend quality time with the older two.  I have managed to get the house in somewhat decent shape and have had a lot of downtime today which has been a nice change to my speedy Gonzales pace.

I decided today to give myself a Jamicure, watch the movie HOME for the hundredth time :), and spend one on one quality time with the little ones.  It has been such an amazing day so far and a very memorable one at that.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful Holiday Weekend as well.

Pinterest Addiction Alert

Yep…. That’s right!  Pinterest has become the latest fad in my little bubble!

When you have kiddos finding crafts can be a chore at times.  Not with Pinterest ❤️.  Nope!  All you have to do is browse and you will find something that will interest you! 😉

Trust me, Pinterest has everything you can think of.  I even promote my Avon and Jamberry businesses on there.  

It is a great place to also throw out your ideas to others as well.  Yep Pinterest has become this mommy’s new best friend!!!




Recently I have become obsessed with the beauty of photography.  I believe I have always loved it though but didn’t find the drive until recently.  Taking pictures has always been my thing especially when it came to my kids and my husband.  I find photography a beautiful way to tell a story.  As they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words!’ yes, that is so true.  Check out my Facebook Page and Instagram page for a sneak peak at my recent works!!!



CrAzY Weeks!

I know I have been out of touch and haven’t been blogging recently.  My schedule has been extremely crazy recently due to Church Camp (which was AMAZING!),  selling and throwing Jamberry and Avon parties, planning for VBS (vacation Bible school), three birthdays this week, and the list goes on.  Yes, as a parent we tend to forget that time is not a luxury *SIGH* but I am here to say no matter how busy you stay always try to stay focused on the positive.  It is an uphill battle sometimes but always remember it may be a challenge to climb to the top of that hill but once at the top its an easy slide down.

No matter how crazy your days and weeks are you are AMAZING.  If you haven’t heard that by anyone else then I will say it.  As a parent you work hard to provide the best possible care for your child.  You stride to make sure they have the best no matter what the cost is.  Remember you are their hero even if everyone else views you differently.  YOU. ARE. GREAT. 🙂

Here is my mommy page (its for all parents- feel free to join or recommend :))


Talk about a Scare!

Leave it to my two year old Joseph to give me the scare of a lifetime!  Last night at 11:00pm…yeah we were all still awake!  Well Joe Joe decided to take a stroll without mommy.  I was finishing up feeding the baby and I heard Joseph cry!  I quickly hear him calm down when another adult consoles him, so I unlatch the baby and position him on the bed so he won’t fall off!  I slide off the bed and go hunting for him but realize he is nowhere to be found in the dorm!! I quickly panic and frantically search inside, but no sight of him.  Once I realize he isn’t inside the building I race outside with a few more ladies!  He was no where to be found. I see a child from the distance that resembles Joe Joe but realize very quickly that was not my son.  At this point I felt my whole body go numb.  My heart was frantically beating and my stomach was in knots.  It was pitch dark and we were in the middle of nowhere!  Frantically a whole bunch of other camp counsellors jump on in the search.  Well within five minutes of searching he was found!!! He had chased the baby kitten that was on the camp grounds to the other side of the camp!  Talk about a relief and a scare that will imprint on me for the rest of my life.  There is nothing like the feeling of not knowing where your child is!! I am writing this post to raise awareness!  You can turn your back for a second and that’s all it takes!!! I don’t wish that fear, that pain, that feeling upon anyone!

I am sharing this story so other parents are aware of how quickly your child can disappear from your sight.  I am fortunate that nothing happened to him and that he is safe but others are not so fortunate.